3 Sick Things ‘Moderate’ Muslims Will NEVER Tell You About Prophet Muhammad

Is Islam a peaceful religion as liberals and moderate Muslims claim? If these three things non-radical Muslims never utter about the Prophet Muhammad are true, not so much, no.

Prophet Muhammad thought he was tortured by a demon, married and raped a child, and encouraged his followers to rape women, via Mad World News.

Muhammad believed the Quran came from a possessed demon, according to the report. The prophet believed the “angel” who delivered the holy book was a demon in disguise because the messenger mentally tortured him and beat him.

The report went on to say Muhammad was so startled by the encounter with the entity that he told his first wife he thought he was demon-possessed. His bouts with depression reportedly led to suicide attempts, which were only stopped by the continuation of the visits by the supernatural messenger.

The second shocking tidbit about Islam moderate Muslims never mention is the nine-year-old girl raped by their prophet. Aisha was believed to have been just six years old when she was told to marry the 50-year-old religious leader, who consummated their union when the child was still nine.

And the third thing moderate Muslims don’t talk about? The Prophet Muhammad encouraged his followers to rape non-Muslim women in front of their husbands.

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Quran scripture reportedly forbids Muslim men from having sex with married women except their own wives and “those whom your right hands possess.” This exception reportedly means women taken during battles intended to spread Islam around the world. Apparently, they can be used as sex slaves — as ISIS is doing to an untold number of young women and girls right now.

Some of the stories and rules outlined in Islamic scripture are simply too heart-wrenching and gruesome to read without flinching. Following many of the dictates would land a modern Muslim in prison for a very long time.

To be fair, there are also many Biblical punishments in the Old Testament that are harsh and inhumane, but Christians have not followed or uttered support for those dictates for hundreds of years because Jesus provided a kinder, more peaceful path to follow.

A Pew Global Survey of “Muslim Attitudes” revealed the most Muslims who live in Muslim countries still support the bulk of Islamic practices we would all consider extreme. Some examples noted by the poll include amputating a foot for theft, executing apostates, and stoning adulterers, Front Page Mag reports.

Since Islam emerged some 1,400 years ago, the Muslim faith has reportedly been responsible for more than half of the religious wars that have occurred in the world. Over the course of the past decade alone, about 18,000 brutal acts of terror have been committed in the name of Islam.


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