8 Muslims Rape “Infidel” Teacher, Co-Worker Excuses It With 2 VILE Words

Muslim refugees have been allowed to cause chaos across Europe, with its leaders surely regretting the decision to just let them all in. This woman paid the price for that failure.

A teacher, known as Sabine K., was violently raped by eight Muslims, but one of Sabine’s colleagues had the audacity to say that the men thought it was okay because she gave “false signals” of consent, via Daily Mail.

This other colleague’s role was to help these men blend into Austrian culture, and they decided to commit this heinous act. First, Sabine’s co-worker failed at her job miserably, and then she tried to justify behavior she could not rectify. The details of this story alone should have had her fired.

Some of the Muslim men had seen Sabine at one of the local bars and later drugged her. They proceeded to drag her back to an apartment where the other five Muslims waited.

She regained consciousness on a double bed without her clothes, and she pleaded with them to stop, but they would not.

Because all of the lights in the place had been turned off, it was too dark for Sabine to identify those attacking her. The DNA of six of the men was found inside her after she was tested later.

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She was humiliated further when they made her use the bathroom to get a selfie with all of them. Men who do such things are scum and should be removed from the populace whether it’s through jail or deportation.

Two of the rapists then took Sabine to the train, and they told her to stop crying while she bawled her eyes out. Despite being in tremendous pain, she found the strength to go straight to a police station.

Her co-worker somehow did not think this was a straight case of rape. This is what is wrong with the world today — people try to be so politically correct that they let despicable human beings off the hook just because they are in some minority or “oppressed” group. This is not an isolated incident but one that is happening on a daily basis, and these liberals loons cannot see it.

This attack occurred back in 2015, and, thankfully, each of the men involved were convicted of their crimes. Unfortunately, Austrian officials were against sending them back to Iran because they would have been put to death over there.

Well, that sounds like just punishment for these evil men, and it would definitely show others what happens if they do the same.


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