8-Year-Old Learns How to Drive on YouTube… Steals Family Car to Go HERE


An 8-year-old from East Palestine, Ohio, hadn’t had his break today — and what he did next definitely didn’t have police lovin’ it.

According to WOIO-TV, a young boy who decided he wanted some McDonald’s drove himself and his 4-year-old sister to the restaurant after learning how to drive on YouTube.

The McDonald’s was a half-mile away, but the young boy managed to do pretty well. After grabbing his father’s keys, he got in the car and drove the two off shortly after 8 p.m., according to the Morning Journal.


He stopped at red lights, managed to make a right turn into the parking lot, and then went into the drive-thru. That’s when employees became obviously alarmed, according to KLFY-TV.

Even though they thought it was a prank at first, they quickly realized that yes, those kids had actually driven there. They let the two eat their food while the police were called. The 8-year-old would later tell them that he wanted a cheeseburger.

Really? If you’re going to get in that kind of big trouble, at least get a Big Mac. Becoming a juvenile delinquent over something on the dollar menu seems relatively cheap, even if you are using the money from your piggy bank. (But at least it wasn’t a salad.)

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Eventually, their grandparents came and picked the children up. The police say that no charges will be filed against the 8-year-old or his sister.

You have to ask just how this kid was able to get hold of the car and get out of the house without the police being notified in the first place, or why the parents weren’t there to pick him up.

However, these seem to be minor points. Thank God that these kids are unhurt — and at least they got a bite to eat before they got the grounding of their lives.



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