After years of being on Obama’s hate-list, General Petraeus has broken his silence and come forward.

Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus, one-time CIA director and let’s not forget former commander of American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan has dirt on Obama, and he’s reached the end of his patience with the President…so now he’s breaking his silence.

He’s saying… Barack Obama’s failures in Iraq could just lead to “ISIS 3.0”. His words, not mine.

With a sincere concern he criticized Obama’s policies in the Middle East, saying that American forces are dealing with an obvious lack of authority and numbers.

He goes on to say that it is true that the U.S. support of Iraqi forces has in fact made some difference in the conflict however, the sectarian challenges that were created could very well throw recaptured cities into Islamist violence and the scariest part…

Give birth to an entirely new potent strain of the Islamic State group… ISIS.

“There is no question that the Islamic State will be defeated in Mosul; the real question is what comes afterward,” Petraeus wrote. “Can the post-Islamic State effort resolve the squabbling likely to arise over numerous issues and bring lasting stability to one of Iraq’s most diverse and challenging provinces? Failure to do so could lead to ISIS 3.0.”

“U.S. forces today obviously lack the authority, remit and sheer numbers of the U.S. elements in Iraq in 2003. They also do not have the mandate that we had in the early days,” Petraeus wrote.

His concern is that enabling forces that the U.S. led has provided for Iraqi elements over the past year: intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets, advisers, logistical elements, and precision strike platforms. This support specifically have shown to be majorly instrumental in the successes that Iraqis have enjoyed in a large amount of battle sites including, Ramadi, Fallujah, Tikrit, Baiji, and Qayyarah.

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But that’s not his biggest concern.

He wrote that the most significant challenge in Mosul is not defeating the Islamic state. No. The challenge will be the task we faced there in 2003… which he put as this:

“…to ensure post-conflict security, reconstruction and, above all, governance that is representative of and responsive to the people”

In conclusion Petraeus warns us that WHEN the Islamic State group is defeated in Iraq, America will gain considerable influence over the resolution of the issues at hand. As such, it will HAVE to exercise that influence.

Which let’s get real. With Obama in office…the President known for choosing to lead from behind, that’s not going to happen. He has been perfectly happy just leaving Iraqis to figure things out for themselves and create even further chaos and upset.

Yea, he’s out of office soon…but if Hillary makes her way into the that Oval office.

We are doomed.


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