ALERT: Country Star Travis Tritt DESTROYS Obama-Loving Liberals With 1 BRUTAL Fact

The Democrats are losing credibility by the day as their endless stream of attacks against the president are revealed as shallow.

Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu attempted to attack President Trump for allegedly turning his back on Israel…then, country music star Travis Tritt offered the representative a lesson in foreign policy.


Former president Obama turned his back on Israel for eight years and Democrats never complained. They only care about Israel now that they can use it to attack Republicans.

This is an incredibly cynical attitude, and exactly why We the People are so sick of Democrats and slick politicians. The Democrats do not have any values — all they know is tearing down the Right.

The Democrats do not have any policy and their party is in turmoil. The progressive fringe is ripping the party apart from the inside, and instead of addressing the internal divisions, the Democrats simply attack President Trump.

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As a result, their attacks are weak and they are losing credibility quickly. The American people can see through their political hackery and we are not impressed.

Barack H. Obama spat on Israel for eight years, undermining our closest ally at every turn by refusing to defend them at the UN. The Democrats made it clear they do not care about Israel.

However, as soon as it is convenient, the Democrats love Israel — as long as it hurts Trump. Now, Ted Lieu is attacking Trump for the supposed intelligence leak to the Russian ambassador. According to the Washington Post, President Trump divulged classified information to Russia that was originally obtained by Israel.

The Washington Post article is, of course, based on an anonymous source who was not in the room for the meeting. Officials who were in the room, such as General McMaster, deny that any classified information was shared.

If Lieu actually cared about Israel, he would perhaps search what the Israel response to the supposed leak was. The Israeli ambassador to Washington released a statement reading, “Israel has full confidence in our intelligence-sharing relationship with the United States and looks forward to deepening that relationship in the years ahead under President Trump.”

Clearly, the Israelis are not concerned. Instead, they are relieved that the American president is standing up for our alliance once again — and we’re pretty darn happy about that, too.


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