ALERT – Hillary to DISAPPEAR For Rest of the Election – Her Reason Why is INSANE

There have been a lot of “firsts” in the 2016 General Election cycle, this is without question. Some of these firsts have been to a great benefit to our country, like having a political outsider just one step away from delivering government back to the people. But other firsts have been to the depths of political darkness.

One of those dark “firsts” comes in the secretive campaign of Hillary Clinton. Not only have each and every one of her recent scandals been shrouded in secrecy and corruption, but the media has facilitated this secrecy with a stunning level of ambivalence. One issue that Clinton can’t get any help with from her obstructionist media cronies is the issue ofher health problems; everyone can see them. And as Jay Michaels from the American Thinker points out, because of her failing health, “Hillary [Clinton] will not show her face for twenty days.”

With a mainstream media unable to hide Mrs. Clinton’s medical emergency episodes – like her collapse during the 15th Anniversary recognition of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York – the only way to keep the public from seeing her frailty is by hiding. And so Hillary Clinton is hunkering down.

With an army of political sycophants and mouthpieces, and a compliant mainstream media to carry the water, Clinton will wage the remainder of her presidential campaign through surrogates and media operatives. She will talk to the people like “Big Brother” from George Orwell’s eerie novel 1984, doing so through social media.

“Hillary will not show her face for twenty days,” writes Michaels. “No chance for the cameras to catch her chronic cough, her exotropia (failure of her eyes to converge when looking outward), her dyskinesia (involuntary head movements in response to lights and noise), her tremors, her freezes, her falls. And she’ll have plenty of time to take drug holidays – structured treatment interruptions – to increase the effectiveness of her medications when she resumes treatment just before a debate.”

Indeed, Hillary Clinton’s failure to be on the campaign trail is inexplicable. It is without precedent in any recent presidential election campaign. In fact, there isn’t a historical record of any presidential candidate “disappearing” during a campaign for weeks and months at a time.

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Even in 1944, while campaigning for his fourth term as president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, in failing health and confined to his wheelchair from advanced polio, campaigned continuously and vigorously in the month of October. He would die soon after, Vice President Harry S. Truman ascending to the presidency to oversee the victory in the Second World War.

If we had a legitimate mainstream media, one that wasn’t infected with the ideological cancer of Progressivism and completely committed to the Clinton candidacy, there would be no possible way for Clinton to take 20 days off from the campaign trail just 29 days before the election. It would be political suicide.

But we have a mainstream media that leaks debate questions to the Clinton camp. We have a media that includes people like John Harwood who unabashedly advocate for the Clinton candidacy while on stage as a debate moderator. We have a media that establishes the midline of “fair and balanced” to the left of center in each and every story and on each and every issue.

So, whether the reason for Clinton’s disappearance from the campaign trail is because of her health, or because of her need to be out of the view of the people (out of sight, out of mind) because of the treasure trove of damaging information being released by Wikileaks and Anonymous, Clinton’s candidacy will survive. It will do just fine because of the lackeys in the media and the fact that she and her ilk have manufactured an “unaware and compliant citizenry.”

As Donald Trump fights for the survival of our country, our Constitution, and our rights, Hillary Clinton will be “tweeting it in,” her minions left to serve their master in disseminating her edicts.

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