ALERT: Laura Ingraham Exposes Obama’s MASSIVE Shadow Gov’t Plot

We know that since Trump has taken office, there have been plenty of attempts to derail him. Up until this point, he has held firm and cut down everyone in his way. These shadow government moves need to STOP!

Bizpac Review published a story explaining how Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham came to the conclusion that there MUST be someone “burrowed” inside our intelligence community. Whoever this person is, they are out to destroy President Trump at any cost. There ARE plenty of interesting points that support her claim.

When Ingraham was explaining the fake news story that Trump disclosed classified intelligence to Russian government agents, she noted that there is an ulterior motive to all of this. The people who oppose the president are willing to do whatever it takes to stop him from making progress, even if it means telling a bald-faced lie.

Since his election in November, we have heard a slew of crazy stories with NO evidence regarding Trump and prostitutes, Russia, China, Syria, and everything in-between. There is no limit to how low they will stoop if they think there is an inkling of a chance that they could get Trump in trouble.

Every single one of their attempts has been stomped into the ground with one simple question: “Can you show us the evidence?” This case is no different than the rest of them.

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Laura speculates that they are amping up their game now due to Trump’s planned historic trip. He is going to be visiting the Middle East, Rome, the Vatican, and other places as well. Trump’s first trip out of the country as president is going to leave a lasting impact on the rest of the world.

Regarding this new “story” regarding Trump giving information to Russia: Putin already put it to rest in a big way. He offered up the transcripts for every single one of the conversations in question. (via The Angry Patriot)

The theory here is that a disgruntled government employee is whispering in the ears of the  liberal media outlets around the country. Laura’s claim is that they are getting insider information, skewing it until it suits their needs, and then passing it off to the media as fact. Apparently, the media wants to see Trump fail too, so they take the stories without asking any questions. They sure sound like some Grade A journalists.

Evidence of an insider is clear in the new Washington Post article talking about the event. They revealed more information than they should have, which raised the question,”Where did they get this?” If they are making claims like this, the information HAS to be coming from someone who works on the inside. (via The Angry Patriot)

Luckily, President Trump is well aware that people are out to get him because his agenda does not suit their needs. He has been systematically going through and pulling people out of positions of power when he smells a rat. Comey is the latest ne’er-do-well to fall under the Trump hammer. We can’t WAIT to see who he nails next!


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