ALERT: Rush Reveals PROOF Obama Was Spying On Trump. What Should Happen to Obama?

The mainstream media claimed that Donald Trump was wrong about Obama spying on him, but we now know that Trump was right — again! Sorry, liberals.

Rush Limbaugh revealed that Obama ordered the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump during the 2016 presidential election. “This validates what Trump was saying about his campaign being surveilled. And it’s also the first time anything like this has ever happened before,” he said. (via WND)

Specifically, the FBI obtained a warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign adviser, Carter Page. The apparent reason for the warrant was that Page had done business in Russia at some point in his past. The mainstream media attempted to say that the warrant was proof that Trump had connections with Russia, but the truth is that the Obama administration was desperate to find something on Trump.

The mainstream media will do anything to push their bizarre narrative, even it means trying to spin damaging evidence in their favor. The media claims that the probable cause standard to obtain a FISA warrant is high enough that there was likely collusion, but this is illogical. (via Washington Post) The argument boils down to, “if they were searching for something, there must have been something.”

Dear liberals, if your logic is sound then Hilary Clinton is guilty because the FBI was searching for evidence against her. If your logic is sound then Obama should be in jail for all of the investigations where he was at the epicenter of the scandal. The mainstream media should higher journalists with critical thinking skills rather than spinsters.

The real story is that the existence of this FISA warrant proves that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign. The judge that granted the FISA warrant is most likely an Obama appointee, and I am surprised they have not investigated the members who sought out this ridiculous warrant. It is so entertaining watching liberals ignore this little truth, and thankfully Rush has used his expansive platform to seek out justice.

It is always amusing to witness the mainstream media engage in their spinster activities. They will stop at nothing to impede our president. Donald Trump won fair and square.

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Thanks to the Democrats and their baseless accusations, we now have even worse relations with Russia. Do the Democrats want another cold war? Think about that, Patriots. The Democrats are setting up another cold war because they are sore losers.

The Democrats and their insane rhetoric are making the world a more dangerous place for our children. The Democrats are trying to tank our future as the greatest nation in history.

We need to hold the Democrats accountable. They are responsible for the state of the world right now. We don’t even need to look beyond our own sovereignty to know that the Democrats and their globalist cohorts have damaged the planet. Isn’t that ironic? They want to save the world with their “clean energy” policy, and yet, they have set the stage for the next World War.

Globalism has set the clock back to the Cold War era. It surprises me that the Democrats complain about Trump wanting to build a wall. Ronald Reagan’s leadership resulted in the Berlin Wall coming down, and Obama, with the help of the Democrats, have rebuilt it. And the Democrats have built walls dividing the races, religions, and sexes. They have even built a wall separating the generations.

The Democrats are truly the great dividers. Thankfully we have Donald Trump who will take a stand against these dividers. We need to be unified, and the Democrats rely on division rather than unity. We need to make sure the Democrats stay out of power.


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