ALERT – Seattle’s Socialist City Councilwoman Caught Supporting TREASON, Time for PRISON!

A prominent Seattle City Council member, who also appears to be a die-hard socialist, issued a nationwide all-call to rally against Donald Trump on a historic day. Kshama Sawant is now the target of an online petition urging her removal from office.

Khama Sawant wants anti-Trump protesters, who are largely millennials that have temporarily vacated safe spaces on college campuses, to “occupy inauguration” day to prompt a nationwide “shut down” as Donald J. Trump is sworn into office.

“It is our moral duty to speak out,” Sawant said. The Seattle City Councilwoman claims she has been the target of copious amounts of hate messages and phone calls after calling for protests to oppose Donald Trump, My Northwest reports.

“I would say that elected officials like myself have an amplified responsibility to be out in the forefront of issues like this, where women and so many others are under attack,” Kshama also said. The supposedly threatening messages she has been receiving from around the country have now been turned over to Seattle police investigators.

Sawant has been accused of inciting riots. She said she will not be deterred from speaking out against Trump and refuses to step down from her post.

The Seattle elected official claims she was merely calling for non-violent protests against Donald Trump. She believes the President-Elect has a racist agenda. Sounds like someone has been getting their news only from the mainstream media.

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The ultimate goal of Sawant’s burgeoning movement? Well, that remains murky.

Her efforts to build a “grass roots” power base and spark a nationwide “shut down” on inauguration day will not delay Donald Trump from being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. If the protesters try to shut down roads or any other public or private spaces, they should immediately be arrested.

I, like all patriots, support the First Amendment rights of millennials to behave like petulant children and wave their little signs — as long as they don’t break the law or infringe upon the rights of other Americans, while doing so.

“Not all of the [writers and callers] are outright racist and misogynist,” Kshama Sawant added. “Many of them are people who voted for Trump because they believe that he stands for the working person, he will lower their taxes, that he’ll create living wage jobs. Trump is not going to do any of those things.”

The Seattle socialist obviously possesses zero proof that Donald Trump will not attempt to accomplish everything he promised We the People while running for office. With a Republican-controlled Congress, his path to success is clearer than many Presidents who have come before him.


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