ALERT: Watch What This Man Does To Women At Walmart! Police Have Issued IMMEDIATE WARNING (VIDEO)

Many strange things happen in public, especially places like Walmart. Which is why this should come as no shock to anyone reading this. A sixty one year old man was criminally charged in court with voyeurism after a video that was surveilling customers caught him looking up the skirts of several women in the Sarasota, Florida area.


One of the female victims reached out to the sheriff’s office on October 29th about the incident. She reported that a man named Alan Ralph had attempted to look up her skirt on two occasions while she tried to shop at the Cattlemen Road store. This is according to reports with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. All of the reports are a matter of public record.

Detectives who are investigating the case were able to attain the surveillance video of the Walmart perve and confirmed the report of one of the victims. The surveillance video showed him doing the same thing to other women that he had done to the woman who turned him in.


The video shows him kneeling down and looking up peoples skirts. Which is absolutely disgusting. It is the type of thing that pedophiles do. Their always seems to be some type of strange and nefarious story in the media about weird occurrences at Walmart’s all over the country.

Weather it is a Black Lives Matter employee going off on a customer or some senior citizen pervert who can not help but to look up women’s skirts their never seems to be a dull story when it comes to the Walmart Corporation.

While any sentencing attached to this type of misdemeanor crime will probably be very short it would still be very nice to know that someone as gross as this individual will be behind bars. Even if for a short and marginal amount of time.

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