ALERT: What Hillary Just Did Could Threaten Democrats’ Lifeblood – WOW!

Pity the poor Democrat donors.

After helping finance a $1.4 billion campaign for a losing Democrat candidate pretending to champion America’s downtrodden, some of the biggest bundlers of the Democrat Party are finding themselves left out in the cold when it comes to the extravagant “thank you” gala Hillary Clinton is throwing at New York City’s posh Plaza Hotel.

And don’t think they’re not grumbling about the obvious slight showing that, as far as Clinton is concerned, money can’t buy you love.

The Clinton extravaganza, set for Dec. 15, is going to be an intimate affair meant only for a few hundred of the former Democrat candidate’s closest friends (a.k.a. campaign contributors) — money, after all, has been the lifeblood of Democrat politics where buying votes is a necessity.

Since the size of the NYC party is dictated by the constraints of the Plaza Hotel’s “grand ballroom,” not everyone who gave lavishly to Clinton’s losing effort has gotten invited to the lavish affair, according to The Washington Post

Invitations to the party went out last week, and the remaining staff of the Clinton campaign has been fielding complaints ever since from donors who were not included. Some donors were told that the size of the party was dictated by the space constraints of the ballroom, people familiar with the event said.

Of course, there’ve been complaints from the well-heeled crowd accustomed to buying access from the likes of Hillary Clinton, who, as secretary of state, proved time and again that her family’s “charitable foundation” was open for business in the world of pay-to-play.

It would be bad enough to go through the trouble of raising hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations only to watch the money go down the tubes with an Election Night loss. Imagine the indignity of finding out that the mountain of cash you raised wasn’t even enough to get into the consolation prize dinner.

To be fair, The Washington Post never states outright that making the cut depended on the amount of money that was donated to the Clinton campaign, but given that the Clintons have a well-documented taste for big-money donations, it’s difficult to imagine it could be anything but.

The irony here is as rich as the guest list – and social media was having a field day.


And that last one is the real question.

Democrats love to pose as the party of the poor, but the party’s top echelons are dominated by the same “millionaires and billionaires” its candidates castigate on the campaign trail. When it gets down to brass tacks, it’s a party obsessed with wealth.

The Clintons proved it throughout the 1990s, when they turned the White House Lincoln Bedroom into a Motel 6 for well-heeled donors.

The Obamas proved it in the 21st century, spending vacations hobnobbing in wealthy enclaves like Martha’s Vineyard while Ferguson, Missouri, burned in Black Lives Matter riots and Louisiana struggled through devastating floods.

Now, with the party out of power at every level of the federal government, and in disarray at the state level, the self-pity party Hillary Clinton is throwing won’t have room for supporters who apparently couldn’t come across with the only thing that really matters.

Who couldn’t feel sorry for them?

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