All Out War: Twitter Unashamedly Calls Trump, "Nazi," "Racist" in Search Results

There is a political battle happening online, and you might not realize that it’s taking place right in front of you.

During all of the fervor over “fake news,” social media outlets like Twitter have claimed to stand for accuracy and equality. Instead, they seem to be openly waging a war against conservatives — including pretending that famous Republicans are Nazis.

Users on Twitter recently noticed something suspicious. A search for “hateful” words like “racist” and “Nazi” brings up President Trump among the very first results, along with other conservatives who are openly against Nazism and socialism.

“Second is Gavin McInnes, who describes himself as ‘Libertarian family man for closed borders & free market. Pro: West, gun, life, gay, Israel, Trump, cop, 1stA. Anti: Nazi, Alt-Right, feminist, Islam. #POYB,’” reported The Daily Wire. “So, yeah, no, anti-Nazi.”

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The results appear to be more than just a fluke. Expanding the list shows other prominent conservatives higher in the search results than actual Nazi groups.

“Click on the ‘see all’ link and you get Tomi Lahren, a Fox News personality, conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza, and, oh, right there in the fifth slot — the American Nazi Party,” continued The Daily Wire.

You can click here to try it yourself.

Now, some of the results at least make a little sense. After all, search services look for words and phrases, and it’s plausible that someone like D’Souza, who wrote a book related to left-wing Nazism, or a conservative who has “anti-Nazi” written in their description, might come up.

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The bizarre part is that many of the results seem to be purposely slanted to associate the person with hatred. Take President Trump: The word “Nazi” does not appear anywhere on his profile — obviously — and nowhere in pages and pages of his tweets.

Neither does the word “racist.” Again, you can try this yourself by searching on his profile.

That means that a person at Twitter most likely purposely programmed and skewed the search results to guarantee that the President of the United States comes up at the top when you search for “Nazi.”

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Think about that for a moment. The same platform which claims to oppose “fake news” and has been banning people left and right for daring to speak their minds — on a platform designed for people to speak their minds — now appears to be blatantly trying to influence people’s views.

Andrew Breitbart famously stated that politics is downstream of culture. The message was clear: Media and entertainment shape people’s feelings, perceptions and opinions with far more power than dull debates on C-SPAN.

Conservatives must compete in the cultural arena if they want to advance their views. In this decade, that includes social media like Twitter… and it looks like that very platform may be rigged.

The right cannot ignore that social media is not an even playing field. Behind the scenes, a clearly biased group is pulling the strings, and any Americans with integrity need to start taking action in order to have a fighting chance in the cultural war.

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