America Just Gave The Parkland Gun Control Activists Bad News

If you had paid attention only to the mainstream media, you’d have been under the impression that following the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that there was a renewed surge in calls for gun control nationwide, especially among the youth.

And you couldn’t be faulted for having such an impression – regardless of how bogus it was. Over 3,000 students attended Stoneman Douglas High School, and yet only a dozen or so were paraded around the media. Why? Because in any group of 3,000 people you can find 12 to present exactly the narrative you want. A Reuters poll from last month found that “Three months after the horrific mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 people dead, Americans’ perspective on gun control has “faded” back to pre-Parkland levels.”

And while public opinion had remained unchanged – gun sales and gun ownership are hitting record highs. According to the latest background check data from the FBI, from April, there were 2,233,213 checks run. That’s 90,000 from the previous all-time record, from April 2016. This also marks the second month in a row to set a record. March saw 2,767,699 checks. (RELATED: Gun Sales Surge On Black Friday to Record High).

And it’s not just because existing gun owners are buying more guns – the number of people who own at least one gun is increasing. According to the Washington Free Beacon: “the Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey of 1,200 adults found 48 percent of Americans said they or somebody else in their household owned a gun. That’s 3 percentage points higher than when the same question was asked last year. It’s 9 percentage points higher than when the question was asked in 2011, the low point of the poll’s findings for self-reported gun ownership.”

Since there are 249,454,440 adults currently living in America (according to the Census), the WSJ/NBC survey implies that there are 119,738,131 Americans with a gun in their home.

Despite the left’s best efforts, Americans are strongly in favor of the Second Amendment, and this surge in gun sales is great news. As more and more Americans are buying guns, the left’s attempt to confiscate our firearms will never become a reality.


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