AMERICANS TAKE NOTE: Here’s Why Japan Has No Radical Islam Problem In Their Country, And Never Will

In Japan, there’s practically zero Muslims, and zero terrorists.

That’s the simple reason why we never read about jihadi attacks in Japan. This is a significant data point in the public debate over Muslim immigration. Donald Trump, of course, has famously proposed a suspension of Islamic immigration until we can figure out a way to screen out jihadis, a proposal which many American Muslims do in fact support.

The number-one fear today among the American people is a Muslim terror attack. It is our government’s chief responsibility to enact whatever public policies are necessary to reduce that fear and eliminate the threat – even if Obama want’s to pretend the problem doesn’t exist, or continue to pretend that the Islamic State isn’t Islamic.

So what can we learn from Japan? As Conservative World Daily writes:

While Islam is growing exponentially across the world, Japan has been vigilant about keeping any signs of its growth in check. As described in an article published by the Conservative Tribune, Japanese as a whole are uneasy around Muslims, assigning them all the reputation of radical, closed-minded and less intelligent people with a strange religion.

Japanese companies also prefer hiring their own citizens over immigrants.

While there are nearly 14 million people in the city of Tokyo, there is only one imam living there, and mosques are rare. Japan bans Islamic evangelism and bans Muslim immigrants. The result is that there are less than 10,000 Muslims in a country of 127 million.

Contrast this with many European nations who have opened the floodgates to mass Muslim migration, with some having Muslim populations making up 5-10% of their total populations. In France, authorities were relieved disaffected Muslim teenagers only torched 804 cars on New Year’s Eve, down from over 900 the year before. We’ve also seen a terrorist attack there ever few months.

In Germany, citizens have been seeing an explosion in crime, primarily sex crimes, committed by the mostly-Muslim “refugees” the country has generously taken in. The country welcomed in refugees with arms wide open a year ago – but now most oppose any more migration. They experienced mass Muslim migration firsthand, and they know for certain the consequences of it now.

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