Anonymous Releases BONE-CHILLING Video of Huma Abedin, Watch Before It’s Removed

There is little doubt in anyone’s mind Huma is a legitimate enemy of the state! More and more information is revealed every day that proves this woman should be behind bars.

The evidence here is undeniable, connecting both Clinton and Abedin to Saudi Arabia and a known terrorist supporter, Abdullah Omar Nasseef.

Huma Abedin was born in the United States but moved to Saudi Arabia at a young age, moving back to the U.S. when she was 18. And what her family did while living in the Middle Eastern country is what is giving many people pause.

Abedin’s family business, The Institute of Minority Muslim Affairs, a pro-Sharia Law group, is a business Huma has worked for in the past. This group is controlled by the Muslim World League, a state-run league that promotes Wahhabi Islam violence.

Nasseef is a founder of the Muslim World League and has worked with Huma Abedin’s father in creating the family business. There are strong ties to terrorism, as both Saudi Arabia and Nasseef have been financial contributors to radical Islamic terrorism.

Huma Abedin worked with Hillary Clinton and these terrorist organizations simultaneously, and Clinton trusted Abedin extensively and treated her like a second daughter. So, more than likely, Hillary Clinton knew all about these terrorist connections.

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Despite all of Hillary Clinton’s lies and scandals, the government has never “found her guilty” of any crimes. People like James Comey and Loretta Lynch are to thank for this, both having helped Hillary sweep her many scandals under the rug during the 2016 presidential election.

People wondered why we refused to elect Hillary as our president, but her corruption should speak for itself. The woman is both a liar and a crook, and many are thankful she lost to Donald Trump.

Clinton and Abedin have strong connections to criminals, terrorists, and thugs. Nobody in their right mind can deny this. In fact, many believe the main reason Hillary ran for president was to cover up her own crimes and protect herself against prosecution.

Instead of running for president, Hillary should have been standing in front of a judge answering for her crimes! The fact that she was able to, instead, run in a campaign to represent our citizens is completely shameful and a woeful reminder of how inept our current justice system really is.

We elected Donald Trump as the president of the United States for many reasons, and bringing Hillary Clinton up on her crimes was one of them. It may not be the top priority at the moment, but Trump will deliver justice sooner rather than later. She thinks that since she is out of the limelight she is safe, but We the People will NEVER forget!


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