As Immigration Debate Rages, German Magazine Features Trump With Bloodied Head Of Lady Liberty


German magazine Der Spiegel made a bold move Friday after publishing a cover which shows President Donald Trump wielding a bloody knife in one hand and Lady Liberty’s head in another.

The notion of Trump being a threat to American democracy has been a constant theme among his detractors since he decided to run for president. To convey the message, media outlets and politicians have frequently pictured the Statue of Liberty in some form of distress.


The New Yorker ran a similar image to Der Spiegels, only this time it showed the statue’s torch extinguished.

Supporters of Trump found the images to be distortions of reality.


Critics of the president often cite that America is “a nation of immigrants,” and that turning our backs on outsiders is violating a fundamental tenet of the country. Debate rages as to whether or not the popular slogan — often used by the political-left — is accurate.


Conservative icon Mark Levin argues the “nation of immigrants” quote is a play on words designed to paint policies opposed to immigration as “un-American.” He argues, instead, that America must be cautious when it comes to letting in foreigners and give them proper time to assimilate to the country’s values.

“We are a nation not of immigrants, we are a nations of citizens,” Levin said during an interview with The Daily Caller.

“We’re a nation of restraint and respites when it comes to immigration,” he added. “What’s been going on the last 50 years or so is atypical. We’ve never had wave after wave after wave of immigration, legal and illegal, without periods of times for assimilation — meaning Americanization — and you can see that today.”

National Review writer Charles C. W. Cooke comes to a similar conclusion, arguing that general principles are unfit to answer complicated questions.

In a 2015 article, speaking about the Syrian refugee crisis, Cooke wrote: “The United States does indeed have a long tradition of welcoming outsiders to its shores. But, in the immediate context, one must ask, ‘So what?’ The question currently before us is not ‘Should Americans ever accept new people into their midst?’ or ‘Is immigration a good thing, per se?’ but ‘What policy should the United States adopt toward the Syrian refugee crisis?’”

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