As of Jan. 1, It’s Illegal to Hold Your Phone While Driving in California

As with every new year, Jan. 1, 2017, brought with it a plethora of new laws that will affect millions of people in America. Some of these laws are just bizarre, while others are downright ridiculous.

In California, the liberal swamp of America, a new law went into effect that banned drivers of cars from even holding their cellphones — or any other electronic device — while driving, NBC News reported.

The logic behind this law is that if drivers aren’t holding their phones, they aren’t going to be distracted while driving and won’t cause fatal car accidents.

However, this sort of law is nothing more than liberal overreach, and ultimately will do little to curb fatal accidents. It’s already illegal to text while driving, and there are still many fatal accidents every year in California because of people texting.

Ironically, drivers are still allowed to use their phones while driving, provided they are mounted on the dashboard and the action they are taking requires only a “single tap or swipe.”

The Sacramento Bee reported that this new law is being met with skepticism from some drivers who question how exactly police will be able to enforce such a law.

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“People eat and drive too, and look down at their food,” said Carly Lederman, pointing out the many other distractions to drivers on the road.

The law was so specific that it even detailed exactly where on your car’s dashboard Californians are allowed to mount your cell phone, KRON reported.

Texting — or using a cellphone at all — while driving is never a good idea. You put your life and everyone else’s in danger. However, having new laws on the books isn’t going to stop these accidents.

California liberals would be better off educating people on the dangers of cellphone use while driving rather than passing more ineffective feel-good legislation.

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