As Trump Was Being Sworn-In, Pope Francis Went On THIS Nasty Tirade Against Him

There is a reason Church and State are supposed to be kept separate. And Pope Francis seems like he is going to need a quick reminder.

Pope Francis warned the people of America against populism and basically stated that Donald Trump was the next Hitler. (via Yahoo)

“Of course crises provoke fears and worries,” the Pope stated, adding that “the example of populism in the European sense of the word is Germany in 1933.”

“Germany… was looking for a leader, someone who would give her back her identity and there was a little man named Adolf Hitler who said ‘I can do it’.”

Pope Francis stated that Hitler did not steal power from the people, he was elected. And that he wanted to preserve the identity of Germany with walls and barbed wire. But Hitler hated a particular kind of people, even if they were German citizens.

Hitler himself had Jewish blood, and yet he condemned the Jews to concentration camps and death by gas chambers. How the Pope could connect such a man to Donald Trump is beyond me, because Trump does not want violence or reduction of our rights– never mind genocide!

President Trump doesn’t want to keep out immigrants to “preserve” American culture. Our culture is one of immigrants! We’re the melting pot, and always will be. We want to build the wall to keep out those who refuse to go through the legal processes to become citizens of this country.

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We want to build a wall to keep out the terrorists that are being smuggled over the Mexican border, coming into this country just to destroy it. All the things that have been said about Donald Trump, that he’s a racist and a bigot, are all lies told by the mainstream media and the Democrat party.

Besides, the Pope should know that Hitler’s government told the German people to register all of their guns just for safety measures. And then, once that was done, they took the guns away from Jewish people as another “safety measure.”

Sound familiar? Its the Democrats who want to take away our guns, who argue that violence in this country would decrease if we would just comply. They appeal to mothers, families, and the victims of violence that guns were the enemy. If accomplished, the government will have more power over the people.

Committing atrocities becomes a lot easier if the population doesn’t have a gun to rebel with. Let me tell you, if someone from the government comes around to pin a star on any of my neighbors, they’ll wish they passed some more gun control laws! But, that person will NEVER be under orders from Donald Trump.

Let Donald Trump’s actions speak for themselves, he has been elected by the American people for a reason. He cares about our rights, from states rights, to freedom of speech, to gun rights. We believe in him, and he will make this country a better place for all Americans. Not for one specific group, but for ALL Americans. Their lives will be better, and then the Pope will eat his words.


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