Ben Affleck Gives Pathetic Apology in Just 10 Words… This Is How Dems Handle Sexual Assault


In the wake of the mounting allegations of serial sexual harassment and assault by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, some of his close comrades on the left have been caught in the fallout and are catching significant blowback of their own for either covering for him or engaging in similar actions, or both.

For example, take one of Weinstein’s protegés, Ben Affleck, who waited five days before putting out a statement condemning his former mentor’s alleged abuses, a statement many decried as too late and insincere, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Actress Rose McGown, one of Weinstein’s accusers who co-starred with Affleck in a Weinstein-produced film in 1997, called the actor a liar and accused him of knowing about and covering up Weinstein’s behavior for years.


In the comments surrounding Afflecks’ statement, some people suggested he would have been better off remaining silent, lest any of his own past misdeeds got brought up, which is exactly what happened when somebody recalled that Affleck appeared to have groped an MTV host — Hilarie Burton — during an interview back in 2003.

Burton confirmed that allegation in several follow-up tweets of her own, and others were able to dig up video of the incident and post them in the thread.


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The allegations must have been true, because Affleck didn’t waste much time issuing an apology for acting “inappropriately” toward Ms. Burton, according to The Daily Beast.

Of course, not everybody was willing to accept Affleck’s pathetic 10-word apology for his own inappropriate behavior, an apology that never would have been issued if the inappropriate behavior in question had not been brought up and publicized.

Needless to say, Affleck’s sincerity remains in question, and given some of his other instances of inappropriate behavior in the past that is public knowledge or being spread anew in long-forgotten video clips, the heat on him doesn’t appear to be about to die down anytime soon.


This is how the left deals with issues like sexual harassment when it is one of their own being accused — cover it up, deny it, ignore it and then issue insincere apologetic statements when confronted with the truth, then wait for it all to blow over — as if that absolves all misbehavior.

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