Black Pastor Praises End Of Obama Era, Calls For New Age Of Opportunity With Trump

Black Americans have the opportunity to experience a new birth of social and economic freedom now that the Obama era is ending, Rev. CL Bryant said Friday night on Hannity.

“We should be very grateful that the Age of Obama is finally over,” said Bryant.

“Now, black people have a need to come out of their political closets that they have been in for the past eight years, because of the emotional games that have been played on them by progressive liberals; in fact they’ve been played for the last 60 years,” he said.

“Now there’s a chance to break free of those shackles and actually take on personal responsibility for your own pocketbook,” he said.


Bryant said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a catalytic figure for the black community.

“Donald Trump is, in fact, the prime example of someone who can show the way to all of us back to the prosperity and the greatness that this country is about,” he said.

Bryant noted that Trump should serve as inspiration for those who want to blaze their own trail for economic success.

“The prime example for young entrepreneurship, whether you’re white or black, is ‪@realDonaldTrump,” he later tweeted.
Bryant, a Baptist minister, is also a radio host based in Shreveport, La.

Trump has made outreach to black voters a hallmark of recent campaign efforts. According to a recent poll, that message may be working.

A Survey USA poll shows that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gets 59 percent of the black vote. However, the poll showed that Trump received 25 percent support among black voters.

By way of context, President Barack Obama received 95 percent of the black vote in 2008 and 93 percent of the black vote in 2012.

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