Black Veteran And Trump Supporter Becomes Viral Sensation After Ripping Protesters

An Air Force veteran who supports the President-elect has had enough of the violence erupting at anti-Trump protests across the country.

A man calling himself Thaddeus Dionne Alexander took to Facebook live to eviscerate the manner in which the protests are being conducted.

“Obviously it’s not Republicans out there causing all this destruction,” Alexander said. “It’s the liberals.”

“You’re causing all this destruction just because your candidate lost!” he added.

Alexander believes a generation of young people who are used to getting their way all the time finally being told “no” is what is leading to what he sees as a collective temper tantrum.

“See, that’s the problem with this country. You can’t always get your way. … Quit being crybabies!” he said.

The video, which was posted over the weekend, has now amassed nearly 20 million views and was featured on Monday’s edition of Fox and Friends on Fox News Channel.

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In the video, Alexander said many of the protesters are behaving like “two-year-olds,” setting fires and blocking roads, making people late for work simply because they didn’t like the election’s outcome.

“I’m glad I don’t live in New York City or Washington or Oregon because I would run one of your a—s over!” he said, adding that this mentality is why Trump won the election.

“Because we’re tired of you crybabies. You didn’t earn anything,” he said.

The veteran also excoriated the lack of respect the protesters have shown for the flag.

“None of you put on a uniform, but you’re equipped to disrespect the flag, to not say the Pledge of Allegiance, not recognize the Bible,” Alexander said. “It don’t work like that.”

Alexander concluded that anyone who won’t accept the American flag or Trump’s presidency is free to leave if they choose.

“This ain’t your damn country! Leave. Find another flag. Find another president,” he said. “Quit causing destruction and preaching peace because you’re contradicting yourself.”

In a followup post on Facebook, Alexander later said his video “lost a few friends” for him but “must have gained a couple thousand” new friends.

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