BOMBSHELL: DNC Director Reveals Truth About Hillary’s Scheme, Deletes Message In Seconds

Never underestimate the audacity of those who work for the DNC. They commit so many crimes, they forget to keep them a secret.

The DNC’s Data Director, Andrew Therriault, just let slip that the DNC allowed Hillary Clinton to use them to collect secret donations, perhaps via money laundering. This confirms that Clinton has a secret donations structure, which was likely illegal (why else do you keep it secret?).


What possessed the Data Director to admit this openly? It seems that in the heat of an argument with other liberals, he forgot he was talking on a public forum.

Therriault has been feeling the heat lately, because Hillary Clinton released a statement that the DNC Data people failed her campaign. Therriault is in charge of them.

Well, Clinton’s habit of shifting blame onto anyone but herself has made the DNC Data Director forget himself, and implicate her in a crime. The tweet was gone in seconds, but the internet never forgets.

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In fact, this tweet clears up some things. Politico published a story last July, implying there was a secret fundraising deal between Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Yet, the details of such a scheme were not clear. I mean, with all the collusion between the two, and the intentional sabotage of Bernie Sanders, its not surprising the DNC would be trying to financially support Clinton beyond what they legally could.

But, how? Thanks to Therriault’s implication of “laundering” we can estimate that the DNC was breaking Clinton’s donations into small packages, likely to avoid any attempt to track them.

Ultimately, this could have been Clinton’s way of working around the Supreme Court’s campaign funding caps — at $123, 200 per person each year, and $436,100 per single check. I can’t imagine Clinton’s friends in liberal Hollywood giving her only the cap amount. It’s also said her campaign cost at least a billion — where did all that money come from?

One thing is for sure: Hillary Clinton will not take responsibility for any crimes that are found as a result of this tweet. She will double-down on blaming other people, dodging the law once more.

Unless, that is, We the People demand she finally be held accountable for what she’s done. And, while we’re at it, we should demand investigators figure out whether the DNC did launder money, because, if they did, they surely will do it again.

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