BOMBSHELL: Hillary Just Got Horrible News From the FBI. Dems Are Panicking.

Hillary Clinton should get a running head start. We know that there has been controversy swirling around the failed presidential candidate for a while now, and it just got worse!

President Trump’s recent firing of James Comey may have some unforeseen, yet incredible consequences, according to The Sean Hannity Show. Now that Comey is gone, Brian Weidner, a former FBI agent, said in an email to Fox News that he “wouldn’t be surprised if they did not review all of the investigations regarding HRC and come up with [a] conclusion regarding prosecution.” We HOPE so!

This would, of course, require a new FBI director being appointed who will move forward with an investigating — even if he has to drain the swamp within the FBI to do it. Many conservatives are floating the idea of Congressman Trey Gowdy as the new director. What a great choice for Trump!

At any rate, the theory here is that a new FBI Director is going to want to come in and reexamine all aspects of the case against Clinton. This new person will (hopefully) look at all of the immunity deals that were given out and determine whether they held up to their end of the deal. If they were playing games with Comey, all bets are OFF!

We would love to see someone HONEST come into the FBI office and lay waste to everyone in there who is covering up for Hillary. The fact that Comey is out of office is a significant step in the right direction.

If it comes down to an “all bets are off” situation, there could be a TON of people going to jail. We have always suspected that the conspiracy surrounding Clinton goes deep into the fabric of our government.

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President Trump has made it known multiple times that the reason Comey was dismissed from his position was due to how he handled the investigation regarding Hillary’s email server.

In a recent interview, Trump told the reporters that Comey was bad. “He was not doing a good job,” explained the president. We could not agree more; he should have been gone quite some time ago!

Now, we have to sit back and wait for a new director. It is going to be interesting to see who President Trump has in mind for this position. Our hopes are that he finds someone who is “no nonsense” just like Mad Dog! Hillary should be worried right now if she already wasn’t. They have her locked in, and it is just a matter of time before this case busts wide open.

She was probably sitting there thinking that she was home free. Comey covered for her, then lied about it, nothing to worry about, but she was WRONG. The look on her face when she realized that Trump is COMING FOR HER must have been PRICELESS! One of his initial statements during the debate suggested that Hillary should be in prison right now. We are only four months into President Trump’s term, and he very well might make that happen.

She is a parasite, a leech, and does everything for personal gain. It is about time we focus on taking her down and moving one step forward to a GREAT country again!


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