BOOM! David Clarke Announces THIS Epic Plan for “Black Lives Matter” Rioters Attacking His City

The town of one of our most patriotic and bold sheriffs, and people as well is being assaulted, but sheriff David Clarke won’t just remain apathetic and allow the Black Lives Matter movement do as they please in his hometown of Milwaukee.

From Angry Patriot:

Instead of sitting on his hands, Sheriff David Clarke requested the assistance of the National Guard to take back his streets, via

Violence erupted in Milwaukee after yet another criminal did not surrender to police.

During a traffic stop, the main fled the car with a stolen weapon and was eventually taken down by police with two shots.

According to the report, the officer at the scene ordered the suspect to drop his weapon, but the suspect refused.

At that point, the officer opened fire, striking the suspect twice.

Reports also state the officer that shot the suspect was wearing a body camera, so we should be able to see footage of the incident sometime in the near future.

The gun in question was once again a stolen weapon, proving bad guys simply find ways to get weapons.

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We should also note the area where the incident occurred is not exactly known as a peaceful area, quite the contrary.

Khalif Rainey, a City Alderman, called the area a “powder keg” for violence; just a few days ago a double homicide occurred in the area.


Rainey then tried to put the blame for the activities in the area on everyone but the actual community, saying, “The Black people of Milwaukee are tired, they are tired of living under this oppression, this is their life.”

Are we not in 2016? Does not everyone have ample opportunity to improve their life? Do we not have public schools and assistance programs for education?

Maybe Rainey should start asking the people in his community why they choose to continue living like this rather than pull themselves up by the back of their own pants and start to make something of their lives.

Already the mainstream media is justifying the riots calling them “violent protests.” If it was not so horrible, it would be funny.

There comes a time when we have to stop making excuses and tell people to look in the mirror.

This matter will probably be turned into another racial problem, yet it is far from it. It doesn’t matter to what group of people you belong, everyone must take responsibility of their lives and make it better yourself rather than always pointing the finger at the system, you are part of it.

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