Border Patrol Reveals WHO They Just Caught Crossing The Border, This Could Get Ugly

It’s well known that Mexican and Central American illegals often cross the United States’ border to gain access, but those migrants are not the only ones aiming for our border.

An Iraqi and an Egyptian migrant were taken into custody by Border Patrol agents after they crossed the U.S.-Mexican border, via Breitbart.

“USBP agents [U.S. Border Patrol agents] from Lordsburg Station apprehended two individuals, one Iraqi national and the other from Egypt, while on patrol Saturday at 2:15 p.m. local time along Arizona State Route 80. Records checks and interviews produced no derogatory information, and the two individuals were placed into removal proceedings,” stated a spokesperson for Customs and Border Protection.

Although the gender of these two migrants was not revealed, they are believed to be two males. The location of where they were detained is also unclear, but the patrol officers went from a station in Lordsburg, New Mexico.

According to reports, the illegal migrants made it 15 miles past the border before being apprehended. If they had been detained in Arizona, the Lordsburg agents would most likely not be present. The space where they crossed the border has no barriers set up to keep migrants out.

The area south of the border from where the illegals were picked up is controlled by criminal organizations that align themselves with a Sinaloa Federation/cartel banner. This is one of the more reasonable cartels, and they are less likely to let a terrorist cross their lands.

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But this has changed over time — the past two years have seen many in this cartel helping terrorists and other questionable migrants cross the border, all coming from countries where terrorism is vastly prevalent.

Anyone who trespasses on the land in Mexico controlled by the Sinaloa is often times brutally assaulted, so there is little doubt that this cartel helped these individuals cross into the United States. Otherwise, these two migrants could have been disfigured or gravely injured.

One person tried to travel through the land without permission, and a four-person strike was launched against him. In an American hospital, he had to get wood surgically removed from his rectum after he was brutally sodomized with sticks and other objects.

Having a wall bordering our country is needed now more than ever. Possible terrorists and migrants from terrorist-controlled countries are getting into this country through our shared border with Mexico, and the cartel is aiding them.

This wall is not just to keep out illegals from Mexico or Central America; it is also to keep out Middle Eastern migrants who obviously did not feel they would be successful migrating through our regular systems. Anyone who comes through Mexico has something to hide, and we need to strengthen that border as quickly as possible.


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