BREAKING: 22 Shot, 2 Dead, Waiting On Trump To Call In Feds

It didn’t take long for Chicago to show us an extremely murderous weekend. It wasn’t long ago that Donald Trump said he would send in the feds if Chicago’s TERRIBLE democrat mayor, Rahm Emanuel, didn’t get control of his city.

He’s a weak democrat. He can’t control anything. He has no balls.

Here’s President Trump’s tweet regarding the violence and below that is information about the 22 people shot in Chicago this weekend.

22 people shot because Mayor Rahm doesn’t do his job and his criminal citizens can’t get their act together.

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Paging Mayor Rahm. Where are you, bro? You have one of the most violent cities in America! What are you doing about it?

Oh, that’s right. You’re too busy making sure that your city stays a sanctuary city to add to the violence. Nothing worse than having one of the most violent city in America, then asking the violent illegal immigrants to stay there too. I’m trying to figure out how that adds up to make sense and the only thing I can think of is that Mayor Rahm is an idiot.

What other logical explanation could we have?

Of course, the people in the city are terribly behaved and they need to grow up and act like adults. All this violent activity is pushing their city down the drain and they’ll be crying in ten years when they’re living in squalor like the homeless people in tent city.

Time to send in the feds, lock these people up, reform them in prison with job training, and in a release them when they’re ready to enter the world as a responsible adult.

Nothing else will fix this city other than blowing it up and starting over, and I’m pretty sure that’s not a very good idea for all the good hard working Americans in Chicago.

There are good people in Chicago and they’re tired of the nonsense.

What is the mayor going to do about it?

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