BREAKING : Angela Merkel Backed Clinton’s Election With Millions in German Tax Dollars

Speaking of “interfering in elections……”

Looks like disgraced German Chancellor Angeal Merkel not only backed Hillary Clinton for president, she did so using taxpayer dollars.


Under the cover of shady dealings, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel secretly gave Hillary 4 million euros pre-election. The Express UK reported: HILLARY Clinton is facing a backlash in Germany after it was revealed the country’s taxpayers handed over £4million to her foundation via the government at the height of the US elections.

According to reports, the failed Democratic nominee’s US-based charity received the cash to help plant trees in Africa at exactly the time she declared Angela Merkel her “favourite” politician.

But the revelation of the financing arangment has been met with scorn. In October, around the same time the transaction was made, it was revealed that Mrs Clinton said the German Chancellor was one of her “favourites” when asked about who she admired in global politics.

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