BREAKING: Bill Clinton’s Hypocrisy EXPOSED in 1 Picture, It’s PERFECT

Former President Bill Clinton emerged from his crypt over the weekend to scold President Trump about immigration.

In a commencement speech for Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Bill Clinton criticized President Trump’s anti-illegal immigration stance. (via Breitbart). In his old age, the former president must have forgotten this photo.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Pictured is the young Elian González being taken from his relative to be deported back to Cuba under the direct orders of Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton made sure that the six-year-old boy was terrorized and ripped apart from his family. Elian made the arduous journey from Cuba with his mother and her boyfriend. His mother drowned during the crossing.

Elian was a real refugee. He was fleeing the communist hellhole that Cuba has become. His mother made the ultimate sacrifice to save her young son’s life, and Bill Clinton reversed that sacrifice with the stroke of a pen.

And now, Bill Clinton has the gall to scold President Trump for wanting to protect American citizens by cracking down on illegal aliens guilty of criminal offenses? Exactly what crimes was this innocent six-year-old boy convicted of again?

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To attack President Trump, Clinton referred to the case of William Perez Jr. in his commencement speech saying, “A guy that does two combat tours in Afghanistan, risks his life for the rest of us… he got taken off the street and sent home the other day.”

However, in his speech Bill Clinton forgot to mention a few things. Most importantly, Perez was arrested for attempting to sell a suitcase full of cocaine to an undercover police officer. Perez may have been a hero at one point, but he lost our sympathy when he resorted to drug trafficking.

Perez was sentenced to fifteen years in prison and he served half of that time. He was released in 2015, while Obama was still president, in Chicago. The laws called for Perez to be deported in 2015, and President Trump is just enforcing the laws that are on the books — like any GOOD president would.

But, Bill Clinton conveniently forgot to mention all of that while spinning his sob story to the liberal audience he was speaking in front of. Of course. Once again, the Left proved that their narrative is more important than the truth.

Liberals are hoping to demonize President Trump, and the best sob story they can come up with is that he deported a cocaine dealer? You’re going to have to do better than that, Bill.


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