BREAKING: Brave Marine Steps Up, DESTROYS Obama’s ‘Legacy’ with 4 Simple Words.

We all watched Obama’s farewell speech with a level of disgust. He spoke highly of himself, as if he had supposedly made AMAZING changes to our country. The truth is, he hurt us more than any other president in history.

One BRAVE Marine contacted Yes I’m Right with his response to Obama’s speech. It is PURE GOLD. Every single word rings true not just for us, but for millions of Americans around the country. The title says it all: “This is Your Legacy.”

In the letter, the unnamed Marine tears down Obama piece-by-piece. By the time it is finished, even the sternest liberals would have a hard time defending their messiah. You just cannot argue with facts, no matter how hard you try.

Perhaps one of the best points he brings up is how the entire population that voted for Obama got duped, not just once, but twice. He promised CHANGE, not destruction. He managed to put us $20 TRILLION in debt. Trillion. In eight years, he managed to DOUBLE the national debt.

One of the best quotes from the piece reads as follows, “You legitimized the hateful Black Lives Matters movement and gave them the ability to poison the minds of our inner city youth, then stood on the graves of the officers that lost their lives as a result…THIS is your legacy”

Racial tension is at an ALL TIME high thanks to Obama. As far back as most people can remember, we have never had the kind of stress we have today. We heard time and time again that whites are going out and targeting blacks, SPECIFICALLY police officers.

Officers had to worry about whether or not they were going to be targeted by blacks simply because of the tension brought on by the BLM movement and Obama. It used to be if you committed a crime, you were punished, but now everyone has to tiptoe around.

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Obama never apologized to the family members of cops that died at the hands of criminals. Were we all supposed to bow down and recognize black people as being discriminated against. This is a victim complex at its finest, and it’s a mentality that’s put our entire country in jeopardy.

The Marine went on to say that,  “You spoke about Obamacare being a force for good, but don’t have the common sense to realize that holding a gun to the heads of people who work for a living, to pay for the ones that don’t, makes everyone worse off.”  He hit the nail on the head. We were teetering towards socialism, and things were looking grim. Why should it be ILLEGAL for someone to not pay for their healthcare if they don’t want it? That’s insanity!

The liberals were more than happy to protect Obama, even if it cost them every penny they owned. We, on the other hand, were not. We are GLAD that this Marine had the courage to come forward and say what everyone else was thinking: Obama was a complete and utter disgrace — a destructive force akin to an erupting volcano who blanketed our country in destruction.

Now that Trump is in office, we can start the climb back to normality. We can’t wait to see what he has planned for our amazing country and PATRIOTS!


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