BREAKING: CBS Makes Stunning Trump Announcement… Nobody Saw This Coming

Progressive news world has been repeatedly preaching to us how Republican presidential nominee and business mogul Donald Trump’s chances of actually defeating Hillary Clinton are reduced to nil. And when we talk about the liberal news media, probably the most loyal one is CBS News.

VIA Conservative Tribune

That’s why Trump fans must have been stunned to find a commentary posted Thursday on the network’s website. What it stated could be summed up easily by its headline: “Yes, Donald Trumpcan beat Hillary Clinton.”

“How would Donald Trump fare in a general election against Hillary Clinton?” the article, by CBS News commentator Will Rahn, began. “The conventional wisdom is that he wouldn’t stand a chance. The GOP is divided. His campaign, despite a recent spate of landslide primary wins, appears to have its own civil war going on. His favorability numbers are at historic lows for a nominee.”

However, Rahn argued that wasn’t the case, saying that arguments about his lack of electability are “also perhaps overstated. The Manhattan billionaire does have a narrow path to the White House. In fact, he may be the GOP’s most electable option at this point, at least among the candidates who are actually still running for the job.”

He also pointed out that Trump would be the only candidate willing to hit the Clintons hard over their sex scandals.

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“What happens when Trump, after Hillary inevitably accuses him of sexism, says that Bill is a rapist, a serial assaulter of women, and that she is his enabler?” Rahn wrote.

“What happens when he incorporates this into his stump speech? The upside, if you can call it that, to Trump’s refusal to act ‘presidential’ is that he is the only candidate who will go that far. Trump, and Trump alone, is the only candidate who would not only resurrect all the Clinton sex scandals, but make them a centerpiece of his campaign.”

And that’s not the only thing Rahn brought up in his commentary for CBS.

“The Clintons are no strangers to scandals financial and otherwise, and while bringing up all that baggage, in some cases discredited, would seem too low for a normal candidate, Trump will almost certainly embrace all of it,” he added.

While the piece was also filled with all sorts of that leftist nonsense — one never hears Rahn talk about the times Hillary Clinton went “too low” by insinuating Barack Obama was a Muslim or by leading a full-oncharacter assault against the women who accused her husband of sexual impropriety — the fact that CBS was even willing to admit it was proof that the liberal media is finally coming to grips with the fact Trump might win.

We may only picture the tears hitting the keyboard as Rahn was writing this. The dreams they’ve built all these years about shilling for Hillary and Obama could evaporate by a real estate agent developer from Manhattan, New York,

We enjoy in those tears, Mr. Rahn, keep them coming. We can only imagine that you will outcry Glenn Beck at the conclusion of “Terms of Endearment”

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