BREAKING: Dinesh D’Souza Exposes Liberals Horrifying Plot Against Trump. Please Pray.


Liberals constantly complain about the power of media, and the influence violence has on our children, yet they’re happy to depict President Trump being assassinated.

Conservative filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza, revealed the nasty truth about a new production by The Public Theater in New York. As many know, the company has reinterpreted Julius Caesar as Trump — who, of course, gets stabbed to death in the end. D’Souza called them out, saying they must surely know that John Wilkes Booth “may have been inspired to kill Lincoln by this very same production”!


D’Souza pointed to a Shakespeare expert cited by The Atlantic, John F. Andrews,  who argues convincingly that Booth was motivated to murder Lincoln because of Julius Caesar. To Andrews, Booth “must have been convinced that he had identified himself forever with the role that Shakespeare had scripted for antiquity’s most notable assassin.”

The Public Theater company cast a Trump-look-alike to play Caesar, in a modern retelling of the classical play. A pivotal scene midway through the production calls for conspirators to assassinate the Roman ruler.

Julius Caesar was murdered by his former advisors, including his close friend, Brutus. For thousands of years, Brutus has been associated with assassins and betrayers.

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The Public Theater has received considerable scorn for their decision to cast an actor dressed as the president. Especially playing a leader who could be assassinated.

However, D’Souza claims that this was the entire point. The company behind the play is hoping to encourage a mad man to assassinate President Trump.

As previously noted, America’s most infamous political hit-man, John Wilkes Booth, was likely motivated by this very same play. Booth convinced himself that he would be remembered in history, alongside Brutus, as the “noblest Roman” — or in his case, noblest American.

The Public Theater was, without a doubt, aware of the lore surrounding the play they produced. They know that the controversial play has inspired political assassinations in the past, and they’re hoping for a repeat performance.

Booth went down in history, but not as a noble American. The actor-turned-assassin has more in common with Judas, the betrayer of Jesus, than Brutus.

The Trump assassination play needs to be shut down immediately. This seditious play is utterly unacceptable in this climate of political upheaval, and it will only cause another violent attack against Republicans.


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