BREAKING: Google Makes Move to CENSOR the News. Warn Your Loved Ones.

We have always viewed the internet as the Wild West of the 21st century. It looks like all of that is going to change.

In an Orwellian style twist, our news is about to be censored by Google. The frightening part is, they are claiming to censor “fake” news, but, in actuality, they are censoring news that they do not agree with — AKA anything that doesn’t fit the liberal narrative. (via Mashable).

Google and Facebook have been talking about fighting “fake news” for quite some time, and now their plan is in motion. They both started their campaigns today. They have marked the websites that have been proven to be “true” — as in, proven to have an opinion that they agree with — as FACT CHECKED beside the name.

The worst part about all of this is now we have to worry about Google censoring the news that we see on a daily basis. The fact that they want to censor what they do not like can cause serious issues.

There are people, we call them PATRIOTS, who do not follow the liberal agenda. We believe that the left’s perception of this world is not only wrong, but dangerous.

Google can have a differing opinion, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, they are trying to literally censor the opinions of others. They will not debate or have any kind of discussion that could damage their fragile way of thinking.

At the end of the day, the repercussions for this new way of Googling is going to make life harder for conservatives. We are going to have to filter through Google’s “FACT checked” articles to find content that is actually accurate.

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In the long run, this is only going to cause more problems, and wedge the divide of this country. All you have to do is look at the current news stories to see what will happen.

If you tune into any mainstream media, liberal news channel, you will hear the phrase “fake news” thrown around. Typically, this phrase is used to describe stories published by the right that do not fit their narrow-minded narrative.

Think of the future for a moment. Once the system is set up and rolling for a while, we are not going to be able to find ANY accurate news stories because they are going to be buried at the bottom. This is going to lead people to thinking that what they see as “FACT checked” by Google is 100 percent true. Average internet users are not even going to take the time to consider that there could be a partisan bias.

Slowly, the shape of the country could change. The left is going to thrive because their agenda is going to be front and center. The only way we can fix this problem is if we drop what Google is trying to do, or get a truly non-biased fact checker.

In a perfect world, we should opt to erase the fact-checker altogether. People should be able to read and research stories on their own and decide what is true. What gives Google the authority to decide what is true and what is false? We are ADULTS and should be treated as such!


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