BREAKING – Guess Where the Berlin Truck Terrorist Just Immigrated From?

The horrific attack on a Berlin market could have been prevented—if Germany had a leader who protected citizens with logical immigration policies and a secure border!

The driver of the semi truck that was used as a deadly battering ram in the Berlin Christmas market was a Pakistani refugee who was welcomed onto German soil earlier this year. At least 12 people were killed in the attack with approximately 50 more being injured, the New York Post reports.


A German newspaper, Die Welt, reported the Berlin Christmas market terror suspect arrived into the country on February 16, 2016. The Pakistani refugee had already been arrested for multiple minor crimes before the attack.

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Germany appears to be dragging its feet and has not yet released pertinent details about the Muslim asylum seeker. Attempting to delay outrage over the carnage committed at the hands of a refugee will only make the angst from frustrated and frightened citizens far worse in the long run.

Chancellor Angela Merkel already faces an uphill battle for reelection, and the radical Islamic terror attack by a Muslim immigrant will not help increase her chances of winning. Last year, Merkel allowed almost one million Middle East refugees into Germany.

“When will German rule of law strike back? When will this accursed hypocrisy end? These are Merkel’s deaths!” Marcus Pretzell tweeted. Pretzell is a member of the European parliament and belongs to the Conservative Alternative for Germany Party.

Germany is rapidly becoming a popular target for radical Islamic terrorists. ISIS has claimed responsibility for two attacks committed in the country – both of which were at the hands of Muslim refugees granted asylum in the country.

Only a few days ago, German prosecutors announced they were investigating a nail-bomb attack plot involving a 12-year-old boy! The attackers were reportedly planning to commit wholesale slaughter at a Christmas market in the city of Ludwigshafen.

German journalists also reported the 12-year-old boy is believed to have been under the direction of an ISIS militant. The unidentified boy reportedly holds both Iraqi and German citizenship.

If Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump had won the election, we would also likely soon be experiencing the same type of terror attacks that have occurred in Germany. Thanks to the tens of thousands of improperly vetted Muslim refugees Barack Obama has already resettled in America, we still might.

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