BREAKING: James Dobson “Unleashes,” Stuns Christians With Statement on Trump

Christian author and evangelical leader James Dobson explained his position on GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, and claimed a Republican in the White house might restore some of the religious freedoms that have been stripped away from Christians over the years.

Dobson, who is on Trump’s Evangelical Executive Advisory Board, responded to critics in a piece he wrote forWND and said he believed a Trump presidency would “unleash Christian activists to fight for their beliefs.”

Trump met with his Evangelical Executive Advisory Board in June and Dobson said he walked away from that meeting with a sense that Trump was sympathetic to his concerns. He added that Trump condemned decades-old legislation that limited freedom of religion, especially religious speech, by church leaders.


He noted that in recent years there has been a “growing assault” on religious rights liberty. He then went on to point out that the Supreme Court’s prohibition of reading the Bible, prayer, and displays of the Ten Commandments in schools are severe limitations on religious freedoms that should worry Christians.

He expressed concern for further limitations under an administration that has moved from using the phrase “freedom of religion” to “freedom of worship,” a strategic move that could possibly prohibit Christians from worshipping in the public square in the near future.

The founder of Focus on the Family spoke at the Republican National Convention last month, where he endorsed Trump, saying he was “the most capable candidate to lead the United States of America in this complicated hour,” and expressed a “great concern about Hillary Clinton,” according to WND.

Dobson, a former supporter of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, has faced his own criticism for backing Trump, to which he said “life is filled with inconsequential little challenges.”

It’s not hard to see Dobson’s perspective on this. He understands that Trump’s attitude toward protecting the religious freedoms of Christians is significant, especially when the opposition has been determined to destroy Christian values for years.

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