During the closing days before the election, Democrats were rejoiced to realize that early voting poll numbers showed that Hispanics were coming out in unseen numbers. Democrats were sure that these votes will go to Hillary Clinton because of Trump’s language against illegal immigration.

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Now that the final vote totals have come in, it looks like Democrats may have celebrated too soon. While Hispanics (and African-Americans) did break for Clinton more than Trump, the numbers of voters from the two demographic groups who ended up voting for Trump was quite impressive.

Roughly 65 percent of the Hispanic vote went for Clinton, while Trump got 29 percent of the vote. That’s a wide gap, but Trump’s numbers were actually higher than 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s numbers, The New York Times reported.

In 2012, Romney received 27 percent of the Hispanic vote compared to 71 percent for President Barack Obama. That’s an increase of roughly 2 percent towards Trump. That’s pretty impressive, particularly given the media’s opinion of Trump’s immigration policies.

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Less surprisingly, Trump also received more support from African-American voters than Romney did. Trump received 8 percent in 2016, compared to 6 percent for Romney in 2012, NBC News reported.

These numbers show that many Hispanics and African-Americans ignored the media’s attacks on Trump and decided to take a chance with him.

With Hispanic turnout up, having around 2 percent more Hispanics vote for Trump was certainly one factor that helped bump him over the top in several key swing states where it was quite close.

Liberals probably should take a look at these numbers before they start screaming that it was racist white Americans who voted for Trump. Trump won by getting votes from all kinds of Americans.

At the moment, this nation needs to spare itself of the ugliness of the general election and continue forward, as one country united under one commander-in-chief.

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