BREAKING: Minnesota Bomb Plot FOILED After Muslim Bombers Make 1 Simple Mistake

Everyone has witnessed the threat that Muslim extremists bring to the table when they get an idea in their head. In MOST cases they are caught. Sometimes, they get caught for the most insane reason ever.

World News Daily reported that two men, Abdullah N. Alrifahe and Majid N. Alrifahe, were busted in Minneapolis with a ton of weapons and bomb devices. The reason they got caught was due to LITTERING! Thank God for foolish mistakes.

Reports stated that authorities found a hand grenade, a handgun, multiple rifles, a stockpile of ammo, and everything you need to make and ignite a bomb. They had something BIG planned that was stopped due to a criminal offense that would otherwise call for just a warning.

The Muslim men seemed to be responding to a new video put out by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS. The video called for MORE violence and MORE frequent attacks. Luckily, no one was hurt in this case. It could have ended in the most tragic fashion possible.

Cases just like this one have been popping up all over the country at more frequent rates every month. They are trying HARD to get everyone to bend to their will, but that simply is not going to happen.

Obama gave them a free pass and let them do whatever they wanted. Now that President Trump is cracking down for the security of OUR COUNTRY, they are not happy. If Obama had been doing his job, we would have never landed in this position.

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We can also blame the liberals going around chanting that Islam is a “religion of peace.” Does ANYTHING mentioned here sound like something that a religion of peace would do? You could say that there are extremists in every religion, but, even so, none have the staggering numbers of violence-related crime like those following the Muslim faith.

They have beliefs that would allow them to MURDER everyone in the United States who does not follow their religion if we would let them. It is stuff like this that leads to bombings and mass shootings. They NEED to be stopped — NOW!

How much longer can we continue to watch our backs? The good news is, our country DOES appear to be getting safer. President Trump is trying to crack down on immigration law — which is a huge help. This subsection of law will allow fewer dangerous people into the country and deport the ones who are here who have proven to be dangerous to our country.

We have high hopes moving forward. Our nation needs someone to help protect us from radical extremists, and President Trump is perfect for the job. He is not even half a year into his first term as president. We suspect that, as time passes, he will work on bigger and better plans to help keep our country and border safe.

You should not have to be afraid to go outside. Luckily, our diligent police are keeping watch for people like the two Muslim men in this story. They don’t deserve to be here if they don’t know how to handle freedom.


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