BREAKING: Muslim Democrat Caught Openly Supporting Terrorists. Impeach Her?

The Left has abandoned white, working class Americans. Now, the Left is resorting to electing radical Islamic extremists into office. Horrifying!

Should the families of bloodthirsty terrorists get payouts for dying while trying to kill Americans? A Minnesota State House Representative, Ilhan Omarwas, voted against a bill that denies life insurance payouts to the beneficiaries of terrorists that die attacking Americans. (via WND)

Isn’t it bad enough that we now have Sharia law in our country? Now, we have radical Islamic sympathizers in local office.

This really isn’t a surprise. We all know that Obama was a big fan of radical Islam, but it looks like we are seeing little Obama clones pop up around the country.

We need to write to Ilhan Omarwas and ask her why she supports terrorism. Why should we be handing out money to radical Islamic terrorists?

Where is the mainstream media? Why aren’t they covering this story? We have an elected official voting in favor of terrorists. Disgusting!

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Our country is being invaded by radical Islam. These extremists are implementing Sharia law, and they are trying to overtake our judicial system.

We need to hold the Left accountable for their ridiculous policies. They have made it possible for this nonsense.

The globalists love importing terrorists into our country. I don’t understand why. It is either because they hate our country, or they just don’t know any better.

Either way, it is troubling. At least we have President Trump to push back against the spread of radical Islam. We should be grateful we have a president who is even willing to say “radical Islam.” Obama preferred to call it “workplace violence.” That’s like calling a decapitation a “mild headache.” It’s just NOT going to fly anymore — we know better.

Dear liberals: please leave our country, and please take your “workplace violence” with you. We are a country of patriots, not terrorists.


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