BREAKING: Mutilated EX-Muslim Begs America, “Stand Up AGAINST Islam.” Agree?

Ex-Muslims continue to risk their lives to stand up against those who would inflict terror upon them in the name of Islam, yet Democrats still defend what they don’t understand.

An ex-Muslim and victim of terror has issued a warning to the America people: “One thing that Islam is doing to defeat you is causing you to be coward and fearful to stand up and speak against the invasion of Islamization which is going on in your country.”

Converting from Islam is considered the gravest offense in Sharia Law, and it is punishable by death. This man is risking everything to deliver this message to us.

The ex-Muslim documents the destruction of Christian centers of worship in the Middle East and warns that this is coming to America if we refuse to stand up. He does not want us to stand up with arms but with ideas.

We need to expose the truth of the radical Islamic invasion of the West. Barbaric dictates within Islam are not compatible with western society, and they cannot be allowed to spread and degenerate everything we have accomplished.

Islamic radicals abhor the rights and freedoms we have achieved in our great nation, especially the rights of women, whom they consider property akin to slaves.

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Despite brutally oppressive regimes throughout the world that result from radical Islamic teachings, liberals kowtow to the invaders. Liberals have been taught to hate our country, and they welcome with open arms the forces that wish to destroy us as they do.

Speaking from his hospital bed, this brave man explains that all Muslims are taught to seek the destruction of our way of life and the destruction of Israel, our ally in the Middle East. He explains, “every child who is coming up, he’s working for the destruction of this nation … Let’s stand for the Truth. If it is Truth, then stand for it, and the God of the Bible will defend your land.”

We can no longer deny that Islamic radicals are fighting a religious war. They fight for political land, sure, but the root motivation behind their fight is to destroy Israel and nations that stand for same ideals, like the United States.

We need to protect our borders and stop the spread of radical Islamic terrorism into our country! We also need to protect our youth from liberal brainwashing in our schools that seek to tell only one part of a very complicated story.

This moment will be remembered throughout history, and we have the power to decide the outcome. Will the radical Islamic invasion mark the end of Western civilization, or will we stand like the Spartans at the gates of Thermopylae and resist the invading hordes?


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