BREAKING: New Hampshire State Legislature Clears Constitutional Carry In Both Chambers

As we reported a few weeks ago, it was predicted that several more states would enact Constitutional Carry laws in 2017. As of Thursday, February 9, it looks like New Hampshire will become the first state to do so in 2017.

The vote took place in the House of Representatives on Thursday morning, and through a long and hard-fought battle, the Senate bill passed through the other chamber with flying colors.


The final vote tally was 200-97, passing the bill.

TFPP Contributor Kimberly Morin has been tracking the progress of Constitutional Carry in New Hampshire for months. She was there in the House when the vote took place this morning.

In the story regarding the advance of Constitutional Carry in more states this year, she told me about the work they had been doing:

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“The CC bill easily passed both houses over two different bills in the past two years. The bill that is on its way to the House now is the same exact bill as the original. It SHOULD easily pass through the committee and the house because there’s nothing different about the bill. Democrats are pretending that it’s something that is being-fast tracked yet it is the same bill they’ve heard testimony on 3 times in the senate to date. There is absolutely no reason that this bill should not pass. It’s time to end state-sanctioned discrimination in New Hampshire and join Maine and Vermont for Constitutional Carry.”

The measure passed the Senate by a vote of 13-10 back in January. Since it has passed both the House and the Senate, will now be sent to the Governor for signature.

Governor Chris Sununu praised the measure when it passed the Senate, and indicated that he will sign it should the bill be sent to his desk.

The previous Governor, Maggie Hassan, vetoed similar measures in years past. Those times are now over in the Granite State.

Needless to say, we are rather ecstatic about this development.

TFPP Contributor Kimberly Morin celebrates the passage of Constitutional Carry in New Hampshire.

TFPP Contributor Kimberly Morin celebrates the passage of Constitutional Carry in New Hampshire.

[Editor’s note: this story has been updated since its original publication].

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