BREAKING: New York Times Demands Medical Information From Hillary

Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s collapse on Sunday during 9/11 memorial event has sparked an intense discussion over her health as well as that of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Republicans and many Democrats have called for both candidates to release their full medical histories so that the American people know the health of the people who want to be president.

The New York Times‘ editorial board took a very bold step and demanded Tuesday that both Clinton and Trump turn over their full medical histories.

“While submitting health records is not a requirement for the job, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be doing American voters a great service by furnishing a much clearer picture of their physical health than the abbreviated and sunny reports provided so far,” the editorial stated.

Clinton and Trump are two of the oldest people to ever run for the presidency. As a result, their medical histories are more of an issue than they would be for younger candidates.

The Times pointed out that in recent years presidents have refrained from hiding medical conditions as presidents like Franklin Roosevelt did. In recent elections, they they have been more forthcoming with the American people because voters have a right to know.

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“Now Americans are deciding between Mr. Trump, who is 70, and Mrs. Clinton, who is 68. Whoever prevails will have to deal with round-the-clock demands, so it seems entirely relevant to inquire about their medical histories and current health,” The Times explained.

“Should both candidates honor these pledges, and provide plenty of detail, the winners will be the voters,” it concluded.

This demand from The Times was a pretty good indication of how fed up the media has become with Clinton’s lack of transparency. After all, it was her refusal to reveal that she had pneumonia that led to this editorial being written in the first place.

Both Trump and Clinton have pledged to release more of their health records in the coming days. Hopefully they will follow through on these pledges and the American people can finally have the truth.

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