BREAKING: No Deal – Schumer HUMILIATED (Government Shutdown Imminent!)

Schmaltzy Schumer failed to get his mark on this one.

Earlier today, the New York senator and Senate minority leader was meeting with President Trump in the White House. The two were trying to hash out a last-minute spending deal that would avoid a government shutdown and possibly provide protections for the DACA-protected minors illegally residing within the United States.

Going into the meeting, many conservatives fretted that Trump was going to cave, and let Schumer roll him.

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Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Chad Pergram of Fox News just revealed that no deal was struck between Schumer and Trump:

Schumer has hinted that negotiations are still ongoing, and that a deal could still be made:

Here’s the problem: Democrats are intransigent about their goal. They want legal protections for DACA-affected individuals and they are willing to shut down the government to get them. Earlier this morning, we reported on why many D.C. reporters and insiders believe that a shutdown is more likely than not.

The clock is ticking. A compromise will have to be reached by the day’s end to keep the government open. The House of Representatives has already ordered its members to stay put in Washington. We may see a deal reached sometime over the weekend.

What do you think? Will Trump win this political battle? Tell us your thoughts below!


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