BREAKING: Nobody Has Seen Obama After His Sick Tie to Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Was Exposed!

Was Esteban Santiago another FBI patsy or just a lone wolf? As of now, he’s been identified as the gunman who shot about twenty people, killing at least five, at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida.

Just when you wonder how much worse of a president, Obama could possibly be, because surely, he’s done his worst by now right? HAH! Now, we get word that Obama and his little devils sat on their fat lazy asses and did nothing!! Nothing…about this shooting.

Actions speak louder than words Obama, and it appears you, my friend are working for the enemy.


Put your Tin hat on everyone, because Santiago actually went the FBI seeking help because an intelligence agency was pressuring him to fight for ISIS!

By some kind of crazy ‘coincidence,’ a large number of terrorist suspects have had contact with western intelligence agencies prior to their attacks…like the Boston bombers and the London stabbers.

CBS News released a tweet claiming that the shooter told the FBI A YEAR AGO that he was being pressured to fight for ISIS.


ABC News revealed the FBI’s knowledge of the suspect’s history…


More disturbing facts surface as officials discover that the suspect was also investigated on charges of child pornography in the past.


Below you can see a picture of the alleged shooter.

This sick bastard even sent out a tweet bragging about his handgun that could have very well been the weapon used in the attack.


WARNING: Graphic footage of a man being treated by medics can be seen below.

Fox News says the shooter was taken into custody.

What were officials thinking?! They let this crazed lunatic freely travel across state lines, fly in an airplane and still have a military ID on his person? Wow, how incredibly intelligent of them.

The officials said Santiago’s associates were concerned because he said he was hearing voices; they had accompanied him to the FBI office in Anchorage.tin_hatter

It appears that the FBI has a history of setting people up with exactly the right tools to commit crimes and terror attacks. Is there another piece to this puzzle that Americans are missing?

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