BREAKING: NY Times Caught Hiding Islamic Crime. This is Pure Evil.

Liberals have officially gone too far in protecting the horrific crimes committed by Muslims.

The New York Times is under fire for refusing to acknowledge female genital mutilation. While covering the arrest of two U.S. doctors, the Times referred to the barbaric practice as “genital cutting.”

In their report on the genital “cutting” committed by Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, The New York Times refused to acknowledge the motive of the crime nor the connection between Islam and genital mutilation.

The Times chose the term “cutting,” even though U.S. law refers to the practice as female genital mutilation.

The New York Times editor defended her use of language. She “chose to use the less culturally loaded term, genital cutting. There’s a gulf between the Western (and some African) advocates who campaign against the practice and the people who follow the rite, and I felt the language used widened that chasm.” (via New York Times)

Essentially, the Health and Science editor was worried she would offend genital mutilators and cause a divide between barbarians and those attempting to protect young women.

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There is no debate over female genital mutilation, despite the claims of this liberal editor. The disgusting act is a human rights violation and barbaric cultural practice that cannot coexist with the modern world.

The fact that the New York Times even considered protecting the feelings of child abusers displays the disgusting divide between liberal elitists and the people they pretend to care for.

The Unite Nations Population Fund defended their use of the term. “UNFPA embraces a human rights perspective on the issue, and the term ‘female genital mutilation’ more accurately describes the practice from a human rights viewpoint,” said the UN organization behind reproductive health.

The New York Times revealed their political hackery and ignorance by refusing to acknowledge the reality of genital mutilation. They are so concerned that Islam will face the criticism it desperately deserves that they sugarcoat one of the most disgusting practices still widely conducted.

The reality is that Islam openly condones female genital mutilation, which is clear-cut human rights abuse.

The so-called feminist paper clearly has no desire to protect women around the world. Instead, they offer cover for Democrat policies.

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