BREAKING – Obama Caught Trying to Sabotage New Hillary Investigation, This is SICK

Here are we are, just ten days from the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and one candidate is crashing. Hillary Clinton and her allies continue to make things worse for her election chances.

FBI Director James Comey made the brave decision to re-open the email case against Hillary Clinton based on thousands of new emails. Likely, these are Huma Abedin’s emails that were stored on her soon-to-be ex husband, Anthony Weiner’s, computer. However, Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, tried to shut down Comey’s plans to send his warning letter to Congress, as per

While Donald Trump and other Republicans applaud James Comey’s decision to do the right thing, Lynch is not as pleased. Reportedly, she has just one grievance with Comey’s decision to re-open the case.

First, Lynch argues that Comey’s decision is against long-standing precedent. An official from the Justice Department mentioned that Janet Reno often kept silent on cases if speaking about them would give the appearance of influencing an election. Despite knowledge of Reno’s decisions and pressure from Obama and Lynch, Director Comey decided to send his letter anyway. No one tried to physically stop the Director.

Comey went against the wishes of the Obama cartel because he made a promise to alert members of Congress if there were further developments in the Clinton email case. Comey has also mentioned that he feared news of the new discoveries would be leaked to the media anyway, which would make it seem as though the FBI were trying to cover-up pertinent information before the election.

Despite the validity of Director Comey’s concerns, the Lynch-led Justice department did everything in their power to stop him.

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One Department of Justice official said, “Comey is an outstanding law enforcement official, but he mistakenly thinks the rules don’t apply to him. But there are a host of reasons for these rules.”

Unfortunately for this official, there is no written rule forbidding Director Comey from “appearing to influence elections.” There is only precedent that FBI Directors would prefer not to appear to influence them. Besides, Director Comey has likely lost his career over this move. Clearly, he feels strongly that the information the FBI has uncovered will deeply impact Hillary Clinton. Thus, he may have appeared to be influencing the election even if he kept such important information from We the People.

And what of this double standard? The Clintons always feel they are above the law, but Lynch doesn’t complain then!

There has been a lot of speculation from both the left and the right regarding these new developments. Some on the left say its much ado about nothing, while others feel Comey is doing the right thing. Judging from the behavior of Lynch and company one thing is for certain, however.

Lynch and Obama have something to hide still. The revelations from Clinton’s emails are not over. Lynch and Obama knew that if Director Comey told Congress about this new development, then Clinton would lose the election. And so she shall.

Comey, as it turns out, at least has principles. The Obama-led Justice Department does not. Let’s drain the swamp!

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