BREAKING: Obama Official BUSTED, Gets 20 Years In Prison

A disturbing trend is showing up across the United States. Government agents are getting arrested for crimes that would make ANYONE physically ill.

In this case, former Obama staffer Lee Robert Moore of Church Hill, Maryland was arrested, according to Washington Examiner. He was charged for sexting with children AND sending underage girls sexually charged pictures. We are GLAD that he is officially off the streets.

Moore pleaded guilty to attempting to entice a minor into sexual activities, as well as sending obscene materials to underage children. His role in the Obama administration was as a uniformed member of the Secret Service. He was sexting underage girls WHILE working. There go our tax dollars, and the innocence of young women who didn’t know any better. Disgusting.

Moore was arrested and now faces 20 years in prison. When he does get out, he will be on supervised release for the REST OF HIS LIFE! Good — he needs someone looking over his shoulder so these sick acts STOP.

The Justice Department built a strong case up against Moore, and most of the buildup occurred in just two months. He made profiles on KIK and Meet24, two social networking apps. Once he was in the app, he would seek out young girls and troll them sexually.

Detectives set him up by posing as young girls on BOTH apps and had conversations with him. On both occasions, he had sexually fueled discussions as well as submitted sexual pictures.

He frequently talked to a 14-year-old girl as well as a 17-year-old girl. He deserves a lot more than just 20 years in prison, if you ask us.

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All of this behavior raises one big question; why do former Obama staffers seem to always end up in these situations? Why are they more likely to try and hook up with young girls when compared to members of other former presidents’ staffs?

The answer is simple: these men were never selected on their politics. Obama picked them because they would suit his needs once he made it into office. He didn’t care what they did in their free time, or if they had sexual conversations while “on the clock.” If the staff could accomplish what he needed them to do, they were never questioned further.

We believe that if you are going to select people to work with you as president, you need to LOOK CAREFULLY at what they represent. The odds are, Obama has quite a few skeletons in his closet too. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that the former president also participated in this SICK behavior. Just saying.

The good news is, everyone is examining the former president and his employees under a microscope. The staff has proven that they cannot be trusted, and deserve to be considered carefully. We should be able to go in and see what kind of other shady behavior was going on with the use of OUR tax dollars.

One thing’s for certain: Moore will NEVER be able to hurt another little girl again! That’s one more degenerate Dem off our streets and in prison, where he belongs.


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