BREAKING – President Trump Just Set a MASSIVE New Record

Liberals were enraged by how President Trump launched his first day in office, breaking a record that infuriated Obama loyalists.

President Trump set a record for the number of prayers during an inauguration ceremony. As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, Donald Trump also had the most diverse and inclusive faith leaders ever invited to speak at a presidential inaugural event. (via McClatchyDC)

“Some inaugurations had just one, others two or three covering different religions. But this is a record,” inauguration historian and Jim Bendat said.

The 45th President of the United States began his inauguration day at St. John’s Church at 8:30 a.m. this morning. He had six prayers at his swearing in ceremony.

Faith leaders offered three invocations and three benedictions during the inauguration. Trump was sworn in on two separate Bibles, one given to him by his mother, and the other was the Bible of President Abraham Lincoln.

The faith leaders who spoke at Trump’s inauguration include: Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, Pastor Paula White, Rabbie Marvin Hier, Reverend Franklin Graham, and Bishop Wayne T. Jackson. Each of the faith leaders spoke for about two minutes during the inaugural day ceremony.

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, who was the first Hispanic and Assemblies of God pastor to speak at a presidential inauguration, received quite a bit of backlash for his decision to be a part of the Donald Trump swearing in

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Pastor Rodriguez said, “Are there any politicians I will not work with? Wow. It would require an extreme sort of agenda coming out of a politician, or rhetoric coming out of a politician, that would prompt me somehow to say, ‘I can’t work with this person.’ Something that is so derogatory. Something that is anatema to who we are as Christians.”

Donald Trump was also the first president-elect to include a Rabbi and a female faith leader in his inauguration festivities. The mainstream media of course, failed to highlight the significance of Trump’s inclusive and historic choices of religious speakers.

Today, President Trump’s first full day in office, he will be attending the traditional National Prayer Service. A total of 26 religious leaders will be featured during the non-partisan and non-denominational event. Most of the National Prayer Service faith leaders belong to the Christian faith, but other denominations, such as Judaism, Islam, and the Navajo Nation, will also be represented.

Next time a Liberal tells you that Obama was more inclusive than Trump, or that they are afraid Trump will infringe on their religious rights, just remind them of this record!


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