BREAKING: Sick Truth About Fire Marshal Who Shut Down Trump Rally Revealed

The reason why thousands of supporters were turned away from a Friday rally for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Columbus, Ohio, might have had more to do with politics than public safety.

The event was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, a venue that can seat well over 4,000 people, but Fire Marshal Kevin O’Connor limited the size of the event to 1,000 people.

In speaking with reporters before the rally, Trump was clearly not happy about the situation and called out the fire marshal for playing politics.

He might not be too far from the truth.

It would appear as though O’Conner is part of the Democrat machine via Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, who is also a Democrat.

Trump called the move “politics at its lowest” and he’s right.

Twitter users posted images of thousands of people waiting in line.

It’s politics as usual and everybody knows it.

Just the day before Trump’s rally in Columbus, Mayor Ginther had campaigned with Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

It’s pathetic that thousands of people who waited in line were turned away from this rally for political reasons. Trump’s events are still selling out, and you can bet this has Clinton sweating bullets. So, she gets her lackies to pull a stunt like this.

As awful as this move was, we shouldn’t be surprised by these kinds of underhanded tactics — they fall right in line with all the other corrupt actions Clinton has taken to make her way back into the White House. It’s pretty clear she will stop at nothing to get elected.

With less than 100 days until the election, it will be interesting to see what else the Democrats and Team Clinton come up with to try to take “The Donald” down. We’d best be ready for anything.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Columbus now have legitimate reason to question the orders of their fire marshal, which cannot be good for their safety. They’d be better off with someone in that role who understands the implications of his decisions on the safety of those he is supposed to protect.

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