BREAKING: Top Democrat Pleads GUILTY to Sex Charges

We all know that the corrupt Democrats are morally bankrupt, but it is our duty to show you all the evidence.

Anthony Weiner has embarrassed our great nation for a long time, but now he is answering for his crimes. On Friday, Weiner appeared before a federal judge and pleaded guilty to sexting a fifteen year-old girl. Disgusting! (via NY Times).

What is it with this guy? First, he marries Huma Abedin, then he engages in a long, drawn-out string of sexual misconduct. The radical Left loves to ignore this guy, but they need to own up to their ally’s actions.

We can only hope that this Weiner is held to a higher standard than a normal American during the sentencing hearing. Politicians get away with crimes too easily.

The corrupt Democrats ignore this guy, while the mainstream media hardly covers the story. If they do cover the story, they don’t even mention his wife, Huma Abedin, who essentially enabled this man to abuse young girls.

The Weiner-Abedin scandal is just like the Hilary-Bill scandal. Birds of a feather flock together. Thank goodness we avoided a Hilary Clinton White House.

Could you imagine if we had a Clinton as our president? We wouldn’t have borders. We wouldn’t be able to buy guns. We wouldn’t be able to criticize the government. We would be living in constant fear of the IRS and other government agencies.

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Of course, we still need to fear the government, because the deep state operatives are working overtime to undermine President Trump. The deep state is furious that Trump got elected.

At least we can rely on Trump to drain the swamp and hold the government accountable. We need to trim back the size of government, so that we can prevent these deep state operatives from undermining our democracy.

The Anthony Weiner scandal is just another piece of evidence damning the radical Left. They like to preach feminism, but then their elected officials abuse women. The hypocrisy is chilling.

Thank goodness we don’t have a blue government. The Democrats needs to stay far away from politics. Their globalist policies were rejected by the American people.

Now that Anthony Weiner is paying for his crimes, we think Huma Abedin should step up to the plate and admit that the Clinton campaign was playing dirty. The Weiners need to confess to the American people the corruption they enabled. We cannot allow these politicians to get away with these crimes. With Trump in office, we can finally start to see some accountability.


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