BREAKING: Top Democrat Under Formal Investigation, Scandal Leads STRAIGHT To Obama

We are FINALLY to going to have a formal investigation on whether or not Donald Trump was spied on by the previous administration. It is about TIME!

Susan Rice has been in the spotlight lately when she alleged that she knew that President Trump’s conversations were “accidentally” gathered. Now it looks like she is the one who is going to get “unmasked,” right alongside Obama.

According to Fox News, the House and Senate intelligence committees are going to dig deep into this case to see if there were any other people caught in this “information gathering.” They are looking into lawmakers and past candidates to see what other information may have been obtained.

At this point in the investigation, it was revealed that there was information gathered about President Trump and the people in his cabinet. This information was found to be obtained and spread throughout the Obama administration. This type of behavior is a complete disgrace and shames our current election system.

This election was one of the messiest, disrespectful, slanderous elections in the history of the United States. Donald Trump was working on facts and showing why he was fit to run the country, while the left ran a full-on smear campaign.

It did not end when the election results came back that Trump won. The left continued to attack and make numerous reports, for example, that President Trump and Russia were metaphorically in bed together. We later found out that this was not true.

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It turns out that President Trump was discovered to be “unmasked” in the intelligence report. The details were scarce, but it was proven that the “ties to Russia” claim is completely false.  It does not negate that they had secretly recorded phone calls from President Trump.

It is illegal to wiretap private citizens, which trump was at the time, without their permission. The worst part about it is that the left is making it sound like President Trump should be punished for THEIR actions! Are you kidding us right now?

We are happy to see that Trump is not going to take this sitting down. He has been actively speaking out against the left and the biased mainstream media regarding their approach to this story. It is clear that there is nothing fair about their coverage. It is so hard left that even people from other countries can’t help but to notice the hypocritical behavior. We knew there was something up from the beginning.

The investigation is going to turn up some serious information by the end. It is clear that Susan Rice and the Obama administration is hiding something that could get them all in trouble. We are curious to see what kind of crimes this is going to turn up.

The good news, is we are now on the path to a better and stronger country. By the time the dust settles, President Trump is going to continue improving our country. We cannot wait to see where we end up after another four or, hopefully, eight years.


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