BREAKING: Top Obama Intel Official Rebels, Reveals Terror Threat Obama Tried to Bury

Operatives and affiliates of the Islamic State group terror organization are already present in and around America, though their true numbers and locations remain unclear due to a covering up and downplaying of the threat by President Barack Obama and his administration.

So said retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, a former top intelligence official for the administration who is now an adviser for the presidential campaign of Republican nominee Donald Trump, in a recent interview with theWashington Free Beacon.

“They are here,” Flynn declared when asked about the potential threat posed by undercover operatives of the barbaric Islamist group.

The director of the FBI has said it,” said Flynn. “There are dozens and dozens and dozens, and I think the number I’ve heard is 1,000, but I don’t know the exact numbers. But I do know there are a lot of cases against members inspired or directed by the Islamic State in this country.”

Sadly, little is known about the true scope of the threat or the individuals who pose it because the administration has gone out of its way to downplay and even suppress media accounts of terror attacks and terror-related arrests and investigations.

“There should be more publicity about what we’ve discovered,” Flynn lamented. “We ought to expose it, expose (the Islamic State group’s) weaknesses, expose its dangers to the American public. We’re a tough crowd. The American public is tough. We can take the truth.”

Though scores of foreign-born individuals and American citizens have been arrested over the past several months, the administration has adamantly refused to classify such individuals as terrorists in most cases and almost never mentions their adherence to the violently radical version of Islam.

Flynn proceeded to describe how the Islamic State group and other radical Islamist organizations have been slowly working toward infiltrating America on a variety of levels and in different areas with the ultimate goal of destroying the Western way of life and bringing our nation’s inhabitants under submission to Islam.

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“This is an enemy that actually sees our way of life as something that is not acceptable,” he said. “They’re infiltrating, and their campaign plan is to basically dominate the world essentially through letting Islam bloom.”

“Is this something that is acceptable to our current leadership?” Flynn asked rhetorically. “Because this is something the enemy says it’s doing. They have declared war on us.”

“They are doing a variety of things,” he added. “Some are tactical attacks that you’ve seen. Some is just infiltrating into sort of what I call the bloodstream of main street America. That’s just the way they’re going to do it.”

Flynn said the only way to defeat this threat to our nation is to clearly name it for what it is, radical Islam, and confront it head on, something the current administration steadfastly refuses to do.

“Warfare 101 is know your enemy, know yourself, you’ll win 1,000 battles,” he said. “This president, who is also wearing the hat of commander in chief, has shown really a level of incompetence when it comes to clearly understanding and clearly defining the enemy we are facing. This is a political problem. We face political incompetence at this point.”

Gen. Flynn knows what he is talking about and isn’t afraid to speak publicly about it, which is why he was essentially forced out of the Obama administration.

Thankfully he has signed on with Trump and will no doubt play a key role in a potential Trump administration, finally able to clearly define the enemy and unleash hell against them.

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